Accident Management Companies –
Smart Administration

Creating a sustainable model for the industry, by providing secure and fast payments to the work providers’ repair network.

Rather than having to manage payments to 100s of individual repairers, SBL provide a single point for payments to all repairers on behalf of the Accident Management Company. Providing a front line for invoice accuracy and query resolution, while improving overall relationships by paying repairers within 24 hours.


We work and specialise exclusively in the automotive repair market and both Partnership working, support and protection of the automotive repair industry is at the heart of everything we do.

We have a close relationship with the NBRA and this strong relationship allows us to truly understand the repair process from everyone’s perspective. Due to these elements, we can truly add value to the supply chain and offer 24 hour payments, insured funding protection and a whole array of business services.

Risk Management

All funding is fully insured, providing security and peace of mind to all parties and the wider industry.

Having our service in place gives confidence to the full supply chain.

Reduced Administration

At smartbusinesslink our team is made up of people from large bodyshop groups, accident management companies, and insurers. Accident Management companies deal with a large number of repairers and we provide a sustainable and efficient central payment link, which has proven to significantly reduce both administration and cost on both sides of the process.